Arrived at Yogyakarta

Breakfast by rice fields watching village life pass
Breakfast by rice fields watching village life pass by

After 34 hours of travelling I arrived at D’Omah Yogja Hotel in a torrential rain storm with thunder and lightning. I felt quite spaced out but recovered after a good night sleep ( only broken by prayer calls by the Mosque next door at 4.30 am !) I have to say the calls were in a way mesmerising,they echoed in return from other nearby mosques and faded into the distance.

I have just enjoyed a late breakfast of Omelette and sliced fresh exotic fruit, delicious. Today I am going to have a little explore around the village, sketch and enjoy the absolutely beautiful hotel grounds. Photos will follow in Photo Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Arrived at Yogyakarta

  1. Relieved to hear you have arrived safely. We remember the early morning chants during our travels in Asia.Look forward to seeing your photographs. Relax and take things easy until you are fully acclimatized.
    Lots of love and hugs


    1. Hi Mum and Dad, I had intended to have a very easy day, but when I went into the little gallery next door to the hotel, the owner and Batik artist, Tatang, who spoke good English, showed me his work, talked to me about his ideas of how he is incorporating traditional designs into his abstract work and after more chatting he asked me if I’d like to go to his studio in Yogja centre and meet his uncle who is a Master batiker, Aprat Koeswadji and see them dye a batik. After that Tatang took me in a Beja (rickshaw type vehicle ) to another artist’s gallery and Studio, an amazing old guy named Slamet Riyanto, again with a very modern take on traditional batik. They were all so generous with their time and were interested In my work and what I was doing in Indonesia. Tomorrow Tatang has offered to take me to little Villages in the locality where traditional batik is made . I am hiring a driver for the day and we will see as much as we can. Don’t worry, I have met Tatang’s parents and uncle, he is a genuinely nice guy , It has just been a very serendipitous day, because I feel I am already getting a lot of insight and material to write up in my report. I feel very privileged to have spent time talking to the artists today and I took lots of interesting photos, I will try and get them on my blog when I have recharged the iPad. The hotel is lovely by the way ! Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Marina

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