A dedication

My dear sister Tania, May 2012, on holiday in Turkey . To my dear sister Tania.

I am now just about packed and ready for the journey of a lifetime, twenty- seven days in Indonesia, to explore the land of exquisite batik and mythical culture. I am dedicating this journey to my lovely sister, Tania, who will be my travel companion in spirit and soul. Tania knew I had won the scholarship, only days before she left us, she gave me a smile and said I deserved it, and I should make the most of all it would offer me.
Tania was such a brave and truly generous lady !
She had so much more life to live and I know she would encourage me all the way.


8 thoughts on “A dedication

    1. Tania has been close to my heart throughout the planning of this trip and I know she will be there with me. She has given me courage and determination to do this and I won’t feel alone.
      Thanks Dad xx


  1. Have a great time Marina, your itinerary looks wonderful and such a good theme for the award. How strange it will be to meet all those British batikkers on the other side of the world! Sorry though to hear of your sister’s passing.
    Cheers Robin


    1. Thanks Robin, it is going to be quite an adventure! I am pleased to be starting it with the company of batik Guild friends,because after I will be solo for 2 weeks. I hope to glean from them exciting hidden away places that I may not find and hear all their wonderful stories.
      It has been a difficult year, but I am hoping to be re-inspired by my travels and experiences and come home full of new creative ideas.


  2. Really pleased to hear you’re getting over such a mammoth journey so quickly. It looks fantastic there and compared to cold, rainy Britain, we envy you the warmth…. although it must be a bit much at times. Hope you have a great adventure and look forward to hearing more from you.
    Love Mike and Liz


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